Suceava Genebank Passport Contents per donor institutes

Data source Count Organization
ALB0011Plant Breeding/Seed Prod. Section Deptartment of Agronomy,Tirana
ALB0021Agricultural Research Institute ,Lushnje
ALB0031Agricultural Research Station ,Elbasan
ALB0041Research Institute for Olive and Citrus Trees,Vlora
ALB0051Sugar Beet Station ,Korca
ALB0061Maize and Rice Research Institute ,Shkodra
ALB0071Forage Research Institute Food and Agriculture Ministry,Fushe-Kruja
ALB0081Research Institute of Fruit Trees and Vineyard,Tirana
ALB0101Vegetables and Potato Institute ,Tirana
AUT0013Federal Office of Agrobiology Seed Collection,Linz
AUT0052National Institute for Plant Breeding and Seed Testing,Rinn, Tirol
AUT0164Oberoesterreichische Landessaat- baugenossenschaft,Linz-Hart
BGR00154Institute of Plant Introduction and Genetic Resources 'K. Malkov',Sadovo, Plovdiv
CYP00425Agricultural Research Institute Plant Genetic Res. and Herbarium,Nicosia
CZE04757Agricultural Research Institute ,Kromeriz
DEU0607Saatzuchtwirtschaft F. von Lochow-Petkus GmbH,Bergen 1
DEU08710Saatzuchtgesellschaft Nordsaat GmbH,Behrensdorf
DEU146227Genebank, Inst. for Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research Gatersleben
DEU3122Deutsche Saatzucht-Gesellschaft Salzmuende (G. Riebesel),Salzmuende
ESP0046Centro de Recursos Fitogeneticos ,Alcala de Henares, Madrid
EST00115Jogeva Plant Breeding Insitute ,Jogeva
FRA04052Station d'Amelioration des Plantes INRA,Clermont-Ferrand Cedex
FRA0811SCA Adrien Momont et fils, S.A. ,Mons-en-Pevele
GBR01126John Innes Centre Norwich Research Park,Norwich, Norfolk NR4 7UH
GBR0163Welsh Plant Breeding Station Inst.of Grassland and Environ. Res,Aberystwyth, Dyfed SY23 3EB
HRV02113Agricultural Institute Osijek ,Osijek
HUN003346Institute for Agrobotany , Tapioszele
ISR00111Dept. of Field and Vegetable Crops Hebrew University of Jerusalem,Rehovot
ISR00716Hazera Seeds Comp. ,Sde Gat
ITA0377Istituto Sperimentale per la Cerealicoltura,Bergamo
LTU0016Lithuanian Institute of Agriculture,Dotnuva-Akademija
LVA0102Plant Genetics Laboratory Institute of Biology,Salaspils
MDA0011Institute of Genetics Academy of Sciences of Moldova,Kishinev
NLD0371Centre for Genetic Resources, the Netherlands (CGN),Wageningen
POL00366Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute,Blonie, Radzikow near Warsaw
POL04011Plant Breeding Station ,Dankow
POL0547Plant Breeding Station ,Strzelce Woj. Plock
ROM001591Agricultural Research Station Turda-Cluj
ROM0022436Research Institute for Cereals and Technical Plants Fundulea
ROM003182Grassland Research Institute Brasov
ROM00535Iasi Botanical Garden
ROM0062Cluj Botanical Garden
ROM00894Agricultural Research Station Simnic-Dolj
ROM01211Agricultural Research Station Lovrin-Timis
ROM013130Agricultural Research Station Livada-Satu Mare
ROM014108Agricultural Research Station Secuieni-Neamt
ROM01954Research Institute for Vegetables and Flower Gardening Vidra-Ilfov
ROM02084Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Research Station Fundulea
ROM02179Central Research Station for Crops on Sandy Soils Dabuleni-Dolj
ROM022117Univ. of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Iasi
ROM02377Univ. of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Timisoara
ROM024187University of Agricultural Sciences Cluj
ROM0256SERICACOM S.A Bucuresti
ROM026223Agricultural Research Station Podu Iloaiei-Iasi
ROM02777Agricultural Research Station Caracal
ROM0283137Agricultural Research Station Suceava
ROM055174Research Station for Vegetables and Flower Gardening Bacau
RUS00158N.I. Vavilov Research Institute of Plant Industry,St. Petersburg
RUS04354Dagestanskaja Stancija VIR (Daghestan Exp. St. of VIR),Derbent, Meski p/o
SVK00116Research Institute of Plant Production,Piestany
SWE00219Nordic Gene Bank ,Alnarp
SWE00615Svalof Weibull AB Cereal Breeding Department,Svalof
UKR00111Yurjev Institute of Plant Breeding ,Kharkov
USA02984National Small Grains Research Fcility, USDA-ARS,Aberdeen, Idaho 83210
YUG0357Institute of Field and Veg. Crops Maize Department,Novi Sad

We collect, study and preserve plant genetic diversity for present and future utilization.