A brief presentation of the documentation office

General activities

  • Managing all the databases
  • Creating programmes for managing all the databases
  • Maintaining and updating informations on SVGB site
  • Romania vegetal germplasm data periodic update on EURISCO server
  • Representing Romania in the IT working group of European Cooperative Programme on PGR
  • Providing expert advice in the use of database of the institution
  • Providing technical support in IT equipments troubleshooting

Database activities

  • Ensuring informations integrity in the database
  • Improving database threads of collecting (passport and on farm), evaluation and conservation activities
  • Updating the national inventory passport data
  • Using the information management system in the genetic material distribution process from the SVGB collection


  • Visual FoxPro Environment
  • JavaScript, VBA, ASP Development Environment
  • MS Office package

We collect, study and preserve plant genetic diversity for present and future utilization.